What is important in case of power plugs?

Power plugs are being used widely all over the world. These plugs provide very ease in using the electrical appliances. The sockets are designed in such a way that they can manage the load properly. There are also various designs of these plugs. One can also consider the interior of the room as a deciding factor when buying these extensions. 

These sockets are being made by many companies. Thus, there is a difference in their prices. The price difference comes due to the important factor of quality. Testing determines that the power plug is safe for use at any place. They are also various types such as a three pin or a two pin plug. In case of power plugs, the voltage being transported is an important factor and is totally based on the device that you want to run by the Power plug with three slots [ปลั๊กไฟ 6 ช่อง which is the term in thai].

Why using a three-pin plug is safer?

You might have seen plugs with two pins and also that are available in three pins. The number of pins is really important in terms of safety. The extra pin is called the earth. It is used to connect a wire to the ground. The benefit of this wire is that whenever extra current passes through the connecting wires the excessive wire uses the third wire as a path and goes to the ground. This protect from electrical shock or fire. It helps us understand the importance of the third pin. Thus, it is safer to buy power plugs that have three pins. It is also necessary that you ensure that all the devices present in your home have the earth wiring. This can save your loved ones from the hazardous effects of shock circuit because sometimes even the circuit breaker fails to work properly. Power plug with usb socket [ปลั๊กไฟ usb which is the term in thai] is the best for office use as it has many features.

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