Suits are primarily categorized into three types- American, British, and Italian. They are different from each other but not on a big scale and this line of difference have somewhere blended considering the modifications in suits with time.

No one is bound to follow the geographic culture anymore; you can wear what you wish to among the three suits as an option. Hence, below is the guide on how to carry suits with your specific body type and how to use accessories with it.

A Guide to Men’s Suit and Accessories:

The selection of the proper suit is very crucial; you can refer to online shops such as Tiglio suit outlet. When you are buying your suit or getting it tailored, keep the fitting in mind. An ill-fitted suit can be completely uncomplimentary. The suit should enhance your look and personality. 

Few things to keep in mind about the suit:

  • The suit should hug your body cuts.
  • Don’t ever prefer baggy trousers.
  • The jackets should not have long lapels.
  • Keep a good color choice when buying suits.
  • Wear a contrasting shirt under your suit.
  • The tie is a choice in a suit. You can wear them occasionally.
  • Make sure your shoulders are not baggy and perfectly fit.
  • Don’t make short-sleeved ones.

Things you should consider while matching your Accessories:

  • Shirt- if your suits are already designed with a pattern, get yourself a plain shirt and vice versa. Always tuck them under your pants.
  • Ties- They are optional but still essential in professional aspects. Following your suit get a perfect striking color tie that would match.
  • Shoes- Avoid sporty shoes with suits. Don’t wear Velcro sandals or slippers. There can’t be anything more depressing than a footwear disaster.
  • Pockets- If your suits are bright in color, go for the light-colored handkerchiefs in your pockets and vice versa.


Italian suits are the trendiest of all but that doesn’t conclude that it is going to mix with every body type. 

But if you are getting yourself a piece from suit outlet, do consider these facts:


  • People with bulky and heavy bodies should avoid it.
  • These suits are already tight-fitting; therefore, don’t wear it in a way it looks stretched.
  • The trousers should end an inch below your ankles.
  • The gorges of the suit should be neat and v-shaped.


You are not restricted to follow these wearing principles. They are observations. You can try something new all the time and prefer it again if your trend succeeds. 

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