Timex Watches- Hand Made Precision!

Whenever you think about aesthetics, innovation, and ingenuity, Timex is a name that comes to mind. Though Timex watches are as accurate as time itself, they are much more than simple time telling instruments. High on appeal, functionality, elegance, and low on price, Timex is, in fact, an extension of the wearer’s personality. Isn’t that the reason why most of us have been the proud owners of a Timex watch at some point in our lives? But underneath all that beauty, lies a complex world of mechanics which many of us are unaware of. Whether you buy smart watch online or a watch from the Timex store, let us delve into the intricate world of watchmaking and what makes Timex keep on ticking.

Timex is a global brand as its watches are produced all over the world, appealing to local tastes and styles. The only exception is the American Document, which is a quintessentially American product and is manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Connecticut. The watch is all set to be launched in the Indian market along with two new launches- The Marlin Automatic and Timex Q Reissue.

As with every watch, the head is the most important component. It comprises of a motor, which is the soul of the watch and enables it to function properly. The planting of the motor inside the nest is the early part of the watch assembling or manufacturing process. Once this is accomplished, the hands, which tell time, are fitted into the holes of the motor. This work is done with the greatest diligence and with the aid of tweezers. Though an integral part of the watch, the hands are extremely delicate and even the slightest of error like the hands not being set at the appropriate level can lead to them colliding.

A glass, which is aesthetically appealing and robust is placed on the watch’s face. It covers the dial and protects it from getting damaged. However, before this is done, the craftsmen ensure that no dust particles are left on the surface. This work is done with the utmost care and with the right tools to ensure that the product is absolutely error-free.

But it is actually the crown which makes the watch complete. Located on the side of the watch, usually  at 3-o-clock, the crown enables the wearer to set or change the time by winding it. Craftsmen use special fixtures to put the crown in place. After that, the battery, which keeps the watch running and the ring, which ensures that all the mechanisms are in place are inserted.

After all the parts have been assembled and a marvel of engineering has been created comes the most important task of setting the time. Once this is done, the watch is kept aside to check whether all is well with the watch. The finishing touches are applied to the watch like etching the Made in the USA, and the Timex logo inside the case with the aid of a laser, checking the water-resistance level, marking the document and style number on the back, the final inspection ,etc.

With the watch in perfect condition, the straps are attached to give it a finishing touch. Now the watches are ready to be shipped to stores in the USA and across the globe.

So, the next time you go online shopping watches for men’s or from a Timex store, take into consideration the exceptional hard work that goes into making a watch. With Timex you are not just wearing a watch but a 165- year-old legacy.

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