Why You Should Wear Organic Clothing?

Organic clothing consists of the clothing which is made without the use of toxic chemicals and with a much lower impact on the environment then traditional clothing has. The fabric used to create organic clothes are made up of materials which are adhering to the standards of the organic agricultural industry. Most organic fabric is composed of cotton, hemp, bamboo silk, jute, wool and ramie. Today the clothes which we wear are often made from the synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and from other petrochemicals which lead to global warming and is considered one of the biggest polluters to our environment. These chemicals are non-biodegradable and also emit nitrous oxide which is very harmful green house gas. However, it truly doesn’t have to be this way.

Organic T shirts are free from any toxic chemicals and are grown only using natural organic fertilizers.  These T-shirts are made from the natural fibers. The organic t shirts are made by companies that have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) organization or the USDA.  Such organic certified companies must follow the standards to maintain their certified status. Typically, organic t-shirts are made from the organic cotton. The cotton can’t be grown by using the synthetic fertilizers and the pesticides. This is very useful for preservation of our environment. The fertilizers and pesticides caused harm to the surroundings and the wildlife that comes in contact with it.

One major problem we face today is the abundance of micro-plastics in our environment which have a tremendous impact on our oceans, streams, rivers, lakes, and waterways. Organic clothing brands are well aware of these things. You will be surprised to know that many eco-friendly clothing companies, reuse/recycle plastic bottles which are reprocessed for manufacturing eco-friendlier clothing. Such plastic materials are made into fleece which is very lightweight material.  Fleece is really good to wear in winter as its material is really warm. The finest material which is used for making the organic clothing is bamboo, which is used to create very eco-friendly high strength fibers. With the rapid growth rate of Bamboo, and its lower water requirements, textiles made from it are considered to be highly sustainable. 

Many people tend to forget that organic and eco-friendly clothing are about more than just the textiles used or the manufacturing process and treatment. Dyes used to create the colorful graphics on t-shirts and clothing can have serious environmental impact if they are not eco-friendly. Eco-friendly dye can be created to avoid using synthetic dyes and abrasive chemicals. If you really want to protect the environment then you must look for the organic clothing from Dezayno which has a large selection of organic T-shirts which are not made up of chemicals and easily available on Dezayno.com

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