Which are the top Trends for summer?

Winter have bid adieu and now it is the right time to welcome shining summer and refresh your wardrobe with subtle colors and majestic designs of outfits.  Swing with summer and get a chic look wherever you go. It would be super amazing to buy for summer collections and live with the trend at par. Summer is one of the most awaited trend in the fashion industry. It comes with outstanding designs and lavish styles so that you can enjoy slaying in every outfit. Right from light weighted scarfs till off shoulder tops, you won’t leave the summer collections unfilled. These subtle shade of goggles, solid pair of outfits and bold shoes will speak the glory of summer with a freshly chilled mojito. You can buy betty basics at Lelulah Boutique and choose the most unique and uncommon designer wear. Here we have discussed about some of the basic trends of summer season so that you can commemorate with your pal and colleagues.

Drop Crotch pants

Drop crotch pants are quite trendy and super stylish. They are very comfortable and classy to match up with any event and celebrations. Check out bright colours and solid designs to give a casual feel to your outfit. It will look so mesmerising. Therefore, embrace your beauty with proud drop crotch pants. You will never go wrong with these quirky style.

Off shoulder designer wear

An off shoulder wear is one of the most fantastic designs for summer trends. Add some fun to your wardrobe and buy these stylish pair of tops. You can ask for solid plain, floral prints, knitted works for different occasions. You should not miss this designer wear. It is a unique and ever-green style. It will look beautiful if you show off your skin. Carry a tiny sling with nice pair of footwear to add splendid personality to your outfit.

Pewter style


Metallic or pewter style gives a beautiful and chic outlook in the summer season. The imprints of rosy gold and silvery foils are the best part of this season. This summer you will find lots of metallic prints on every fabric, slings and shoes – they are wonderful. They are available in different colours, prints, sizes and shapes. Select the best that looks dapper on you.

Beautiful Spots &dotted Streaks

Spots and streaks are most common yet all-time favourite trends. Decorate your wardrobe with dot it down streaks and beautiful spots that looks quite natural and pleasant to the eyes. Be it dotted streak shoes or vertically lined up pants, no style can beat this design. They serve as a perfect pair for dinner party, night celebrations and off-road traveling. Twist your hair style and turn your strips up, do not afraid and get them lined up. You can buy Betty basics at Lelulah Boutique. They have economical prices and consist of large number of collections so that you flaunt your fashion sense succinctly.

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