Top Tips for choosing your Engagement ring

Therefore the boyfriend must take into account all these factors and not get carried away by his tastes or what he considers “prettier”.

I have seen many boyfriends that fundamentally what they wanted was to be well spent spending a significant amount but without being sure if the rings you selected in our jewelry went well with the appearance of his girlfriend. Therefore it is not about spending, it is about acquiring what looks best in your girlfriend’s hand.

On the other hand, and to the extent that virtually all engagement rings  usually carry diamonds , my advice for fiancée rings is that it is convenient to know how to choose the most suitable diamond based on the budget you have you can buy best rings online from this jewelry website. In relation to this point personally I prefer to bet on the saying “better is little but good than much but bad”.

It should be noted that a diamond must have a balance between all existing gemological characteristics. An extraordinary color and a wonderful purity with a bad size will always be a bad purchase. We will be paying a lot for a diamond that will not look. It is preferable to go to good colors and purities with a very good size and without fluorescence (even the so-called MIDIUM would be correct), than to go to the TOP diamonds that will be very expensive and possibly do not meet the requirements we are looking for in the diamonds we are going to acquire. My recommendation in this aspect is very clear, a color G / H / I (minimum I), purity VS (between VS1 and VS2 the difference is minimal in terms of quality), minimum size VERY GOOD (for cutting, polishing and symmetry) and with little or no fluorescence.

Wedding rings

Wedding Rings are made of white, yellow or pink gold, and are usually 18 karat, although in recent years in the Spanish market 9 and 14 karat gold has been introduced. Generally, low gold is offered on American and other countries online sales websites. In Spain it is not common to find this type of gold. Let us think that when a jewel bears diamonds or other precious stones, gold represents very little from an economic point of view, which is why it does not make much sense to lower a jewel using what is called “low gold”.

18 karat gold is the one with the best qualities for jewelry. The 24 is too soft and ends up wearing out over time, while the 9 and 14 is too low and has really little gold and a lot of other metals (silver, copper, zinc …). Zinc is a heavy metal and in many cases there are people prone to be allergic to this metal. In short, 18 karat gold   maintains a perfect balance for the jewelry sector. In the case of the so-called white gold it is best to allocate the gold of 24 with palladium to leave it at 18.

On many occasions we are asked for wedding rings in three colors, three alliances, one white gold, another in yellow and another rose gold. This type of alliances we advise against doing them because the white gold is rubbing continuously with the other alliances and it is necessary to carry out a continuous maintenance so that it looks like the first day. From our point of view the most suitable wedding bands are the classic wedding bands in yellow or pink gold (we call it here rose gold although it really is a gold whose predominant color is red gold; the one used by our grandparents).

Tips for choosing your promise ring

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Recommendations when buying a Jewel of Commitment:

Proposing marriage is a very important decision. The moment, the place, what is said and the engagement or request ring are key details. Making a good impression is essential at a time like this and the ring is the most important element of all. From that moment the bride will spend many hours with her family and friends talking day after day and showing them the ring you gave her.

Order Rings.  Tips for choosing engagement rings

Order Rings

Before buying the engagement ring:

Success with the purchase can make a big difference. For this reason, before you start looking for perfect engagement rings, you should stop for a moment to think:

  • What is your budget for the Engagement Ring?
  • Where to go to buy the ring?
  • What are your girlfriend’s tastes in jewelry items and accessories?
  • Set a budget for the order ring:

The job of many jewelers is to try to convince us that an occasion like this requires a special and perfect diamond. But what may not be perfect for us is its price. The cost of the engagement ring should fit our budget. This will allow us to feel personally more satisfied and comfortable with the acquisition. In addition, the commitment is only the beginning of a long relationship that requires more expenses in the future. Sometimes it is said that an engagement ring should cost approximately once or twice the monthly salary of the groom. Actually this makes no sense. The mentality and purchasing power of each are much more important when setting a budget for this purchase.


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