Tips to choose the best tunic tops that suit your body

Have you been invited to attend a party? Want to bring the best out of you? If you have chosen tunic tops to be your party outfit, this module is going to be very helpful in choosing the best tunic tops for women.

Know the time of the event: You need to consider the time of the event because it will allow you to choose the right color for the event. For example, if the party is going to help during day time, you can go with pastel colors because they will give you a happy and cheerful look which adds extra beauty to your face. Some of the trending pastel colors are ice blue, green, white, pastel yellow, and many more. The morning party wears in these colors will help you to get everybody’s attraction. In case if the party is held during the night, choose deep and dark colors like navy blue, red, maroon, golden, silver, deep yellow, dark brown and of course black!

The amount of bling depends on the type of party:  Bling or the embellishments on the tops will make the attire to look even more gorgeous. By choosing the partywear with embellishments, you can attract a great number of guests with your look. However, the amount of bling will purely depend on the type of party that you attend.

If the party is like a casual family get-together, informal party or reception, you can go with the heavily worked party wears. Modern designers make use of silver/gold cords, gota, pearls, sequins, and shiny threads to create beautiful embroidery on the tunic tops for women. When the party is kind of formal like an office gathering, the amount of bling comes down a bit. The patterns in which they are made are vertical or horizontal, which adds a touch of professionalism to the outfit.

Know your body type: Party wears like salwar kameez are available in a variety of styles. The biggest advantage of this fact is that women with any body type can look attractive in this dress. Before choosing the one for you, you have to stand in front of the mirror and know what type of your body is. If you have a small waist with hips that measure the same or close to the same as your bust, then you have an hourglass body shape. Many fashion experts say that women with this body shape can wear salwar kameez of any style. As your body figure ii striking, you must choose the fabric that drapes your body closely.

If your hips or the tummy area are heavier than your shoulder then you have a pear shape body type. In this case, you must go for the one that is A-line or any style that is not tight around the buttocks. Salwar kameez which provides volume to your waists like frock suits and Anarkalis will look good on this type of body shape. You can also choose an outfit with a jacket.

Final thoughts:

Thus, know the shape of your body and choose the best tunic tops for women. Wear one that suits you more and rock at the party!

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