Things to keep in mind while choose plus Size Sexy Lingerie

It is very important to know which clothes are comfortable for our body but many times we forget about the underwear and do not look too much if the set favours us. Most of time we never take care whether we are going comfortable with it and whether it fits well with the clothes that we have chosen. Choosing the lingerie according to your body type allows you to enhance your virtues and conceal the small defects to get the most out of your curves and feel sexy and attractive.

The clothes and also the lingerie are designed taking into account the characteristics of body types, the variations in volume and proportion within each type are worked with the sizes.

The most important thing is to know that all bodies are beautiful and attractive, everyone has their pros and cons and everyone can get the most out of them with the right clothes. Let’s see how to choose Panties and Thongs according to the type of body you have:

Plus size panties or panties, lingerie

The basic, inevitable that we should all carry is that it should be comfortable. For this the recommendation is that they are a little higher shot, so it will help you feel that the tummy is controlled and everything in place.

Try to buy panties that are not too big in the back so you do not look old, you do not have to use thread, but something medium that allows you to feel comfortable and will maintain your sensuality.

Lingerie colour for Gorditas

We give you some tips to make it much easier to choose the right colours of Plus Size Sexy Lingerie.

  • Remember, considering the occasion, is it for a passionate night or for a Sunday walk in the park?
  • The clothes you wear on top, attention this is vital to know how to choose well, take care that the underwear is not transparent with what you wear or make sharp contrast, but instead helps to provide harmony with what you wear.
  • Take care that if your underwear has any special texture or seam this does not affect the aesthetics of what you wear on top of it.

Dark colours, lingerie

A basic, which you could even wear daily, colours that include black, gray, blue, green or vinotinto, are super cute and will make you feel very good, especially for a night with that special person.

Light or pale colours, lingerie

For the day or for white or pastel colored G Strings, they are super comfortable and definitely a very good option for day to day, in this case, we highlight the skin colour as one of the best because it is a colour that mimics your natural colour.

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