The history and types of Poster arts

Posters were first started in the middle of 1880’s when lithography became popular and became a more economical way of printing messages and information. Poster Art was not that popular until the 19th century and then the practice of poster making eventually became famous.

The posters are eye-catching because of the graphic and the artistic calligraphy. Secondly they are cheap and are a great medium to advertise products. Poster Art is mainly used by painters and printmakers, people from fields of fine arts.

Types of poster arts

Political posters

Posters of influential political leaders are all over the world. Be it Hitler or Barack Obama. Posters of their image or slogan are everywhere. With the growing religious conflict and issues, protest posters are a common form of art.

Movie posters

The movie industry is using posters to promote movies and action figures of superhero movies. Collecting of movie poster is a major trend. Today’s posters are featuring the protagonist over every product. The Marvel movies are designing t-shirts with their superhero figures. Ranging from Captain America to Thanos the villain. This is a profitable advertisement option for the industry.

Comic book posters

The resurgence of comic book popularity in the end of 19th century led to the mass selling of comic posters. These posters mainly feature popular characters from the comic books in variety of poses. It was popular among the young generation. Some of the posters are now collectible.

Motivational posters

These posters are rather simple, usually consists pictures of nature or something which is soothing to the eye, with a simple and short motivational quote under the picture or on top of it. They have become so popular that they are usually seen in offices and classroom in colleges and schools.

Blacklight posters

Such posters have special effects which work best under ultraviolet rays. They are an important part of the today’s society. The abstract, unique color effect is in trend. The vintage blacklight posters are even considered to be a collectable item.

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