Make your pine tree ready in Christmas with these expert tips

With its colors, lights, balls and garlands, the famous pine tree is the undisputed star of the end of the year. Ideas to renew a ritual full of charm. Every December 8, the Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, we chose a pine tree and decorated it with Handmade Christmas ornaments, filled it with colors and lights and began to discount the days left until Christmas Eve. The ritual is repeated every year, always renewing some detail to recreate that corner that fills the home with magic. Beyond the symbolic and religious, decorating the tree is a beautiful opportunity to add a festive touch to the house that helps to close the year with joy.





How to choose the Christmas tree?

When buying a Christmas pine, you have two options – you can get a natural pine, such as a natural fir from those sold in nurseries, or buy an artificial one which is the most common because it does not require maintenance and many are used seasons. The artificial tree will be more resistant to time and will better support the Christmas tree decorations ornaments. Many times you fall in love with a huge pine and then its dimensions complicate you more than decoration. To find the appropriate measure it is convenient to measure the space where it will be located and verify that it does not become a hindrance to the passage, generating discomfort.

Tips to decorate the tree

With a good dose of creativity and patience, you can achieve a beautiful Christmas decoration. It is a matter of combining the accessories well and be encouraged to try ideas in the different spaces. To decorate the tree, the important thing is to maintain a balance without reloading it with objects. Many times you add to the star balls, packets, pineapples, dolls and other ornaments and the pine looks somewhat overwhelmed. If you want to give elegance, it is best not to add too many colors and avoid those ornaments too colorful that can be visually annoying. It is also good that the choice of the tree and its decoration is not in dissonance with the general style of the place where it will be located.

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