Layette sets for newborn babies

The term ‘layette’ refers to sets of clothing for newborn babies. In other words, layette is the first wardrobe in the life of a newborn child. There are many kinds of clothes which make up layette sets and expectant parents like to stock up all the essential clothes before the arrival of the baby. The baby section of a store is also referred to as the layette section. Apart from clothes, bedding, baby care products, and accessories required for the baby are also grouped under layette. Things which collectively make up layette includes gowns, sleepwear, booties, bodysuits, burp cloths, homecoming garment, sets of pants and shirts, socks, washcloths, receiving blankets, diapers, baby bottles, and hooded towels. Wholesale is an online store having a huge layette collection. The following types of things feature in the layette section of the online store.


Layette gowns are designed to be highly comfortable for the baby so that he/she can sleep comfortably. The gown has a legless design which enables the baby to move his/her legs freely. This design also makes it convenient for parents to change the diapers whenever required. One simply needs to lift the hem of the gown and change the diapers without the need to get the gown off from the baby’s body.

For example, wholesale layette gowns are highly comfortable gowns made of 100% interlock cotton. These are long-sleeved gowns having lap shoulder, mitten cuff, and elastic bottom. The gowns are suitable for newborns from 0 to 3 months. They come in a plethora of color options such as black, pink, blue, turquoise, red, grey, etc.


Layette garments can be worn for the first six months after birth. Thus, the garment to be selected for the newborn must be as per the climate to be encountered during those months. Light summer clothes are suitable if the climate is warm and sunny. Such clothes protect the baby’s fragile body against the sun but are not stuffy and uncomfortable. If the climate is cold, then warm clothing is required for the baby. Fleece clothes and sweaters are suitable for winters.

Wholesale has a good collection of warm summer clothes for babies. For example, sunflower dress with lettuce-edge ruffles at the neck and bottom portion. It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which makes it highly comfortable and light.

Fleece baby clothes that can be worn during winters are also available with Wholesale. For example, a zipper hoodie made of fleece and consisting of pouch pockets, ribbed cuffs, double-needle hem hood, and waistband.

Socks or booties

The feet of the newborn must not be exposed and should be warm and comfortable. Even though the baby is not capable of walking, the feet must not be neglected. Socks for babies are easily available in the market. Parents can also opt for booties for their babies. Booties are not shoes but very soft footwear, which makes the baby get used to having something on the feet before he/she starts wearing a regular shoe.

Wholesale offers soft booties for newborns. Made of interlock cotton, the booties are highly comfortable for the baby. They are also very easy to put on and removed.

Blankets and burp cloths

Babies also need some things to keep them clean. These include blankets for use after bathing and burp cloths to clean up spilled food. Both blankets and burp cloths made of soft ringspun combed cotton are available with Wholesale.

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