Illipaca- The Alpaca wool scarf 

People think that the scarves made with sheep wool are the softest and the warmest however, the scarves made with alpaca wool are the best. The scarves made with alpaca wool are naturally hypoallergenic and resist any sorts of dust and liquids. The scarves made with alpaca wool are incredibly soft, warm and light. 

The main aim of the manufacturers is to provide the people of the northern hemisphere an opportunity to experience alpaca wool with highest quality manufacturing. Illipaca masters in creating scarves which are exceptional yet reflect the Incan culture. These scarves are a perfect combination of history and luxury. Natives used alpaca skin to keep themselves protected from various elements, ever since the alpaca wool is of great value. Some people even consider it more valuable than gold or silver. 

Illipaca aims at providing the support to indigenous communities by following a high-quality processing method of the alpaca wool. The practices followed to process alpaca wool have high standards and are eco-friendly. The scarves created by alpaca wool are super durable, they last for years and years and the fibers of the alpaca wool maintain their strength and unmatchable warmth. 

Some of the key features of the illipaca scarves are as follow: 

  1. The Illipaca scarves are manufactured with 100% alpaca wool. 
  2. The alpaca wool is three times lighter than that of the sheep’s wool. 
  3. The scarves last for super long periods as they are durable due to premium quality wool and high standards of alpaca wool processing. 
  4. Unlike many wool scarves, the scarves created by illipaca are odor-resistant. 
  5. These scarves are naturally hypoallergenic. 
  6. If you intend to be super war than you will see that alpaca wool provides immense insulation and warmth. 
  7. The alpaca wool is not only strong and warm but it is also as soft as cashmere. It feels super comfortable to the skin. 
  8. The scarves are water resistant and dust resistant as well. 


Now let’s have a look at the Illipaca fibers:


  1. The products created by illipaca have a luxurious feel to them.
  2. The tradition of manufacturing such scarves has lasted for so many years. 
  3. The sourcing of all materials and labor is made sure to be eco-friendly. 
  4. Scarves manufactured by illipaca can also be used as a small throw. 
  5. You will not feel any itch to the skin due to the scarves being hypoallergenic. 
  6. The fibers of the scarves naturally resist all dust and water keeping them clean durable. 
  7. Lastly, these scarves are lightweight which makes them very easy to carry. 


If you compare other pieces of clothing in your closet with alpaca wool then you will be surprised to know that no other materials are as good as alpaca wool. Alpaca wool provides unmatched insulation as compared to any other kind of material or fabric. Also, it becomes one of the best fibers that repels all sorts of dust and liquid. Unlike your other sweaters or scarves, the scarves created by illipaca will not soak any moisture. 

To preserve the weaving techniques of the natives, their fair standards and traditions, illipaca makes sure to only work with the local Andean suppliers. The wool is taken off the alpacas in the summer and in winters their coat comes back. This is how illipaca gets their premium quality 100% alpaca wool. There is no addition of any other fiber. Illipaca ensures transparency of where their raw material comes from. Next comes the quality, well-crafted people put in all their effort to achieve the highest quality weaving, so each of the scarves is a work of art on its own. 


Lastly, illipaca not only focuses upon the quality and craftsmanship yet focuses upon the functionality of the scarves. It makes sure that they are light enough so its is easy to travel with them, soft enough that they feel comfortable to touch and comfortable around the neck, warm enough to prevent the wearer from getting exposed to cold. The company also gives great attention to the durability, because after all this effort you don’t want to end up with a product which will go to waste in a few days. 


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