How to Judge a Diamond by Its Clarity

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Diamonds sparkle with scintillating brilliance but even that brilliance can be marred if there are imperfections. In order to ensure that such brilliance is not lessened, some people opt for diamonds which fall in the VVS2 quality. But since only 10% of the diamonds mined fall under this category, a diamond with almost mo imperfections is definitely quite rare and when available it is also extremely costly.

Some diamonds appear flawless but only to the naked eye. Such diamonds reflect light and shine and sparkle but with reduced brilliance. They are also relatively less costly and are available for almost a fraction of the cost of an absolutely flawless diamond. Almost half of the diamonds traded around the world fall in this category which has been designated as the VS1-VS2 range.

SI1 is another popular clarity range wherein the inclusions and imperfections of the diamond do not affect its appearance, at least for the casual observer. More often than not, buyers opt for this range of clarity since the resultant diamond is lively, it is shiny and it is extremely beautiful. However, for diamonds below 1 carat in weight, these imperfections are almost negligible but for that above 1 carat, the inclusions tend to be noticeable. It can be said that about a third of all diamonds sold worldwide fall under this category since they are priced at about half of that of a VS1-VS2 clarity range diamond.

People for whom buying a diamond is all about the size of the diamond and its price, the I1 clarity range is definitely worth a try. This is because even though in these diamonds the imperfections are clearly visible, the size more than makes up for what is lost in clarity.

This is how clarity plays an influencing factor when the buyer opts to buy diamonds, especially for a ring. It is also the above clarity ranges which need to be kept in mind when going diamond shopping or opting to sell my diamond ring online.

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