How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

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Why do some hair colors just look so wrong on a person? In most cases, it’s because that person didn’t choose the right hair coloring for their skin tone.

It’s a common mistake, but one that can be avoided, simply by reading our mini guide on how to determine your season and then sticking with the colors and shades that will work best with your skin tone.

Find Your Season



  • Skin that can tan, but not as easily as a summer or autumn
  • Warm pink or yellow undertones
  • Light colored eyes, including clear blue, turquoise, pale green, light hazel or light gold
  • Most likely born as a towhead or with dishwater-blonde hair



  • Golden brown or olive skin that tans easily
  • Any eye colors. Although will frequently have hazel eyes



  • Skin tans easily and will typically have an olive base
  • Skin is sometimes pale but should still have an olive undertone
  • Golden brown or hazel green eyes
  • Natural hair color is a rich deep brown



  • Fair skin that is lighter than is typical for one’s ethnicity and that is not quick to tan
  • Pink undertones
  • Eyes can be blue, green or brown and often are deep shades, such as emerald green or very dark brown, almost black.
  • Sharp contrast between hair, skin and eye color
  • Most likely born with dark, even black hair

The Best Hair Coloring for Each Season


Stick with shades that have a blue, green or violet base, such as:

  • Platinum blonde
  • Ashy blonde or brown

AVOID colors that have an orange or too golden of a base, such as a honey blonde or a golden brown.


Your best shades will have a yellow or an orange base, such as:

  • Golden blonde
  • Champagne blonde
  • Light caramel browns
  • Honey-infused shades, such as a honey platinum

AVOID ashy colors and anything with a blue or green base. They should also shy away from going black.


Your best hair colors would have an orange base or a red undertone, including:

  • Auburns
  • Copper and caramel shades
  • Warm beige or honey blondes
  • Rich, deep browns

AVOID platinum blondes, ash brown shades and any color with a blue, green or violet undertone.


Choose a color with a blue, violet or a violet-red base, including:

  • Dark brown or black
  • Platinum blonde
  • Jewel tone
  • Deep violet red

AVOID golden blondes, coppery reds or caramel or honey shades.

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