How do I make my eyelash extensions last

Eyelash extension maintenance can be difficult but if the steps are followed pertinently then it can become fairly simple. To keep the eyelash extensions longer and fuller, follow the steps with care and caution:

1. Comb them out every day

The extensions need regular care and maintenance to ensure the fuller look. Use a mascara wand or an eyelash comb to keep them in place and looking curvier as required. Sleep on your back to ensure the extensions don’t get affected. Or else, use a satin or silk pillowcase.

2. Use an eyelash sealer

There are products which contain hyaluronic acid and acrylic glue which not only conditions but also holds the extensions together. An eyelash sealer can be applied every morning without fail.

3. Use lighter eyelashes

The more massive the lashes, their chances of falling out increases manifold. Hence, always choose extensions that mimic your natural lashes or are lightweight.

4. Avoid applying too much mascara

People generally think that the mascara gives a pop to the eyes which are required even after using the extensions. But it’s completely unnecessary to apply a whole lot of mascara which can lead to clumping or falling off for the extensions.

5. Remove your makeup every night

Invest in a good makeup remover which isn’t oil-based and doesn’t require vigorous rubbing to get rid of the composition. Hence, makeup remover wipes are a great option. The oil can loosen the adhesive so should be avoided entirely.

6. Replace or refill the pieces that come off

Even after taking the utmost care, some of the lashes usually fall out and need to be replaced or refilled appropriately. It comes highly recommended that a refill happens every three weeks. If there’s a premature fallout, then the bald spot can be filled in using a mascara wand or even eyeliner.

Following the above-mentioned steps will certainly make the cumbersome process worthwhile.

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