Crafted Exquisitely To Perfection by The Talented Damian Alexander Du’bel

Every jewellery crafted, every item made, every collection assembled speaks loudly of perfection; this is the essence of every Bella Mayford signature collection. Designed with care to achieve perfection par excellence, every piece of jewellery which comes out of their London headquarters is a treasure to posses. Magically brilliant and dazzling in its sparkle, each ring, cross, bracelet, necklace etc., is a sight to behold and an honour to wear.

Appreciating the core of womanhood, the signature collection is luxurious, it is unique and it is fit to adorn a queen. The affordability of the pieces of jewellery they craft proved beyond words that Damian Alexander-Du’bel is true to his vision and mission which is of making each and every woman, irrespective of which walk of like or which profession etc., she belongs to, know for sure that she is a queen. Wearing a piece of the signature collection, thus, enhances the beauty of a woman not externally but from the very core of her existence. This automatically gets reflected in her eyes, her face and her words which reflect the brilliance displayed by the signature collection designed by Bella Mayford.

Made from the very fashionable Sterling silver and then plated with exotic metals like gold, rose gold or even platinum, the signature collection is the finest jewellery which money can buy. Yet neither are they highly priced, now are they niche products. Catering to people who look for quality at fair prices, the signature collection, made available online by Bella Mayford, a member of the Du’bel Holdings group of companies, helps make connections using classical elegance infused with a modern touch.

Yet it is not the superlative quality of workmanship or materials used in their make which makes the signature collection so special. It is those incredible people, who are charters of their own destiny, wearing pieces and trinkets from the collection which help enhance the intrinsic and aesthetic value of the same.

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