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Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the sun but not without protection! Very aggressive, UV rays can indeed damage the skin, and cause sometimes irreversible damage. The solution? Choose a sun protection adapted to your skin type and needs. Of course, if we prefer a protection corresponding to our phototype, the choice of texture remains: what to choose between sprays, oils, mists? Follow the guide. There comes the use of kem chống nắng.

What texture according to the area to protect?

In general, it is advisable to adopt a sunscreen adapted to the area to be protected: a cream or mist for the face, a milk or spray (more fluids) for the body, a stick for the targeted and sensitive areas (lips, scars, around the eyes) and hair oil. For convenience, most cosmetic brands now offer face and body sun products. In short, you have the choice: vary the textures for perfect and complete protection, or limit yourself to a single product for a more convenient and fast application.

What type of sunscreen to choose for the body?

Sun cream

Timeless, the sunscreen format remains one of the most popular, despite its many alternatives. Thick, rich and effective, the cream texture generally allows a more uniform application, thanks to its white color easily perceptible: it is less likely to forget certain areas. It is also more resistant to water, sweat and tissue contact. It is especially favored for the face, where the protection must be infallible.

Attention: oily skin should avoid choosing too rich, to keep a matte finish more comfortable. We therefore choose a mattifying cream or “dry touch” effect for an impeccable result.

Perfect for: protecting your face to perfection.

Solar milk

More and more popular, the solar milk offers many advantages: its great fluidity allows a simple and fast application, it penetrates very easily the epidermis while offering a rich hydration. It is therefore ideal for dry skin looking for a practical and nourishing protection.

Perfect for: the hurry in search of an ultra-moisturizing product

50+ Anthelios XL solar milk: 

This easy-to-apply velvety milk effectively protects against UVA and UVB rays while leaving the skin comfortably moisturized. It’s very high protection (SPF50 +) makes it a total screen quality, very well tolerated sensitive skin or allergic to the sun.

The solar spray

It also helps to reach the least accessible parts of the body, such as the back, the neck or the back of the legs. Thanks to its ease of application, it is the ideal choice for children a little too restless or for athletes.

Perfect for the most active, who must often renew their protection, or the normal skin that needs a lighter product. The solar spray is also ideal when traveling.

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