Choosing Your Engagement Ring Design

Thinking of popping the big question? It can feel daunting enough worrying about the question itself; don’t worry about finding the perfect ring – we’re here to help. It can feel like your brain is being tied into knots researching the different cuts, the carat, clarity and color of a gem, on top of choosing the design of the ring.


Traditionally, engagement rings are made from silver or gold, but there is an often overlooked third option: platinum. If you really want to send a message to the partner of your everlasting love, platinum reflects that. The material is more durable than its contemporaries. This is a great starting point before choosing which stones will be set in the ring. Since your partner will be wearing the ring, try to match the gem to their personality or lifestyle (we’ll go into this more in-depth in a moment).

Next is the 4 C’s of the gem: color, clarity, carat and cut. Color is, as you can imagine, the color of the gem. All gems have a tint; diamonds in particular are very rarely colorless, leading to their desirability. Clarity is how clear or cloudy the gem is internally. Once again, clearer gems are more sought after, however, that doesn’t detract from a cloudy gem’s beauty. Carat is most simply described as the total weight of the gem, or gems, on the ring. The higher the carat the higher the weight of the gem. Finally and arguably most important is the cut. Once you’ve figured out what gem and color you’d like, it’s time to decide how you’d like it to be cut. Do you want one gem or multiple? Perhaps one big gem or a modest and humble smaller gem? Or maybe a larger gem surrounded by smaller gems? Popular cuts include Emerald, Asscher, Princess and Radiant for bulky square shapes, and Briolette, Cushion, Heart, Marquise and Pear for more rounded shapes.

Reflect Your Relationship

When choosing the ring to impress your partner (and all their friends) it’s important to remember what the ring means for you as an item. Minimalist designs such as the timeless eternity band are modern, without sacrificing the wow factor. Others may want a big flashy gem that shouts out to the world of your partnership. This doesn’t necessarily mean a big, bright, clear diamond, however, as colourful gems such as sapphires and emeralds are rising in popularity, as well as tinted diamonds.


It’s important to remember the love that conceived the ring; hours were spent and passion poured into the making of each. Knowing the designer’s values and history brings a whole new dimension into the jewellery.  If you’d like to know more check out Designer Engagement Rings for information on the most prestigious designers in the market. For example Simon G takes a more traditional method of design: hand drawing the concept but adding a modern flair, making for a unique and truly special ring.

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