Choosing the Perfect Necklace for You

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Necklaces are probably the most common form of jewelry you see on any woman. It plays a key role in complimenting a woman’s beauty; hence, it is used in many colorful ceremonies such as weddings.

Besides being important for beauty, necklaces can also be used to signify different things for different people. A good example is the Catholics who wear the rosary, to signify their belief in God. In other traditions, some people use necklaces as their lucky charm, or as an assurance of safety.

Nevertheless, regardless of your reason for getting the necklace, it is important that you choose the right necklace for you.

 In this article, I will share with you some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a necklace.


  • Size of the Neck


As the name suggests, necklaces are worn on the neck and thus, the size of the neck is of utmost importance.

If you have a long neck, Choker necklaces would be ideal for you. If you have a short neck, try getting a Collar or Princess necklace.  You should, therefore, measure the size of your neck using a measuring tape to ensure you get the right length for your necklace.

When choosing necklaces that are close to the neck, ensure that you add an inch or two for it to fit comfortably. Therefore, as a general rule, for short necks, opt for long necklaces while for long necks, short necklaces will be ideal.


  • The shape of your face


The shape of your face also plays a huge role in determining the necklace that would suit you best. Since the necklace brings out your best features, people with square necks and oval necks cannot wear the same necklace. Similarly, people with round faces and heart-shaped faces also need different lengths.

If you have a rounded or oval face, necklaces that are very close to the neck should be avoided as they will highlight the roundness of your face. Longer necklaces, on the other hand, tend to elongate your jawline hence you appear more attractive.

However, heart faces or square faces will easily look good in shorter necklaces as they diminish the angles on the faces.


  • Height


Your height is also critical in determining the perfect necklace. For shorter women under 5’4”, necklaces between 16-20 inches would be most preferred. This is because they will appear to elongate your neckline. 

Shorter necklaces such as Chockers, tend to emphasize on your short height and will weigh down your figure. People of average height, 5’4” to 5’7”, are the luckiest since their necklines allow them to pull off all necklaces.

 However, they should ensure that their choice of the necklace will match with their dressing for the day. Tall people, 5’7” and above, should consider trying out longer necklaces as they complement their tall frame.


  • Design of the necklaces


Besides your body structure, the design of the necklaces you want to choose should also suit your style and complement your wardrobe. 

Necklaces come in different designs and materials some are golden, diamond or even ruby necklaces. Depending on your wardrobe and your preferred colors, you can choose to go for a diamond necklace or a gold necklace.

Therefore, when wearing a dress with an open neckline, short necklaces would be best. However, when in turtle necks, longer necklaces are appropriate.


  • Occasions It will be worn


Depending on your profession or the occasions that you attend, the necklace should also be appropriate. For evening events, long necklaces are more appropriate, while during the day, short necklaces may be more relevant.

The necklaces should also be versatile to ensure that it can be worn with most dress designs and colors. Be sure to separate your fashion necklaces from your work necklace based on their lengths, material, and design.


When choosing a necklace, it is clear that you should not only consider your body size and figure, but also the design of the necklace, the occasion to be worn and even your choice of wardrobe.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a necklace that’s perfect for you or your loved one,  ensure that you follow the factors above to the latter.




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