Braun Series 3 Shaving System – It’s Electric

The Braun Series 3 electric shaving product is most likely the very best-loved razors available. The shaver is going to be over 5 different versions (e.g., the 330, the 370, the 370cc) the entry method to the Braun volume of shavers such as the Series 5 and Series 7.

The Series 3 includes a large number of features along with an a great deal bigger benefits list, however, many reviewers appear to consistently mention exactly the same quantity of preferences regarding the shavers. Let us take a look:

Apparent Positives:

1) Quick Rinse Cleaning – Many individuals realize that it’s quick and easy to wash the Braun Series 3 shaver by rinsing it within tap. The mixers finish within the “cc” have a very separate base station cleaner (to obtain discussed later), however, many buyers within the regular (no “cc” suffix) models (e.g., the 370) appear extremely pleased employing their purchasing decision – noting specifically the shaver “cleans off very nicely.”

2) Incredibly Close Shave By Having An Electric – Lots of people condition the Series 3 provides a very close shave by having an electric razor. The sentiment is that you simply should not expect a shave that’s as near as being a wet blade, nevertheless the Series 3 you will get as smooth as possible by having an electric razor… without irritating the skin.

It Might Use Either Situation:

1) The Cleaning Base Station – Opinions appear to get mixed for the base unit cleaning & lubricating station that’s added to any “cc” Braun Series shaver. Many individuals such as the simple cleaning connected while using the unit, the lube, along with the “lemony” scent it offers for that shaver. Others grumble the underside station isn’t needed – stating needed up much space round the countertop the cleaning solution to be used too pricey.


1) Shaver Mind Popping Off – Numerous folks understand that earlier types of the Series 3 (particularly, the 340) have seen issues with your mind within the shaver popping off mid-shave. This problem appears to possess been remedied in newer models (e.g., the 390cc), but it’s something to think about it if you are searching in order to save a few dollars the like using among the older models.

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