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Oh, biology , the beautiful one that makes a lot of people freak out by studying weird plant part names or understanding math to learn genetics! Are you from those who love or hate the old bio? Now that you can do the singaporeBiologiqueRecherche online you can have the best deal now.

What is biology?

Biology is a science devoted exclusively to the study of life in all its forms and variations. It deals with the structure of living things, learns how they grow, understands how organisms function, and observes how they reproduce.

In addition, biology looks at the long history of living things because it wants to know where they originated from, how they evolved, how they relate to each other and the environment in which they live.

That’s right, she’s not the Reporter Globe, but she asks those old questions: “Who are they?”, “Where do they live?”, “How do they breed?”

And in answering these questions, a lot of details fit, do you agree? So, by studying so much, it has some ramifications, which are specialized fields in each subject. Therefore, much can be classified as part of biology. For example: Study the molecules that make up living things.

Learn how an acid acts inside the stomach

  • Know organs and tissues of the body, such as epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue and connective tissue.
  • Understanding about flowers, animals, ecosystems – that is, ecology – can only be biology.
  • It is so much expressed in such a simple name and that it means something so simple: “study of life.”
  • Biology is essential! Without it, medicine would not understand the mechanism of disease and its cure, nor would pharmacology develop remedies. It is with her that we can understand our metabolism and the functioning of our body.

Biology History

And as everything has history, with biology is no different. It also has an origin. Makes sense? Well, if we look at the practical sense of it, not really! If biology studies life, it has “existed” since living things arose, do you agree?

But when we talk about the beginning of biology, we are talking about it as a structured science. And from that angle, yes, it has a beginning and a story.

Starting with the name

Biology was originally Biologie, a word that originated in Germany in the nineteenth century by mixing Greek words: ‘βίο ›or’ bío ‘, which means’ life’ and ‘ -λογῐ́ᾱ’ or ‘ logíā’, which means’ study ‘or “treated”.

The triumphant debut of the German term Biologie was in translating a work by scientist Carl Von Lineu, called the Botanical Library. From then on, the term spread to other European countries and ended up in other languages.

Who invented biology?

As you can imagine, being a science, there is not exactly a creator of biology. Now, who began to conceptualize science as we know it today was the German naturalist doctor Gottfried Reinhold Treviranus and the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

But this deals with what is called modern biology, because everything that is studied in it goes back a long, long time ago. There are records of studies on the subject already in ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece etc.).

One of the fundamental points for science to evolve and gain much more strength was the invention and development of the microscope, which allowed us to look at life in every detail: cells , bacteria and everything in existence were observed, although it is not perceived at all naked eye.

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