Beauty and Body Image in the Digital Age

As technology advances, our feelings about beauty and body image do too. Society’s views on what beauty and body “rightness” are have changed a lot over the recent years, and there’s no point in denying, we are living in the digital age.

Clean eating, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, wellness, a certain size, shape and hairstyle – these are all words that bombard us every single day. Every day spent on social media or on the Internet, that is. But what do these things mean?

How can you truly understand what you have to do to fit right into these standards? And is it worth it?

What to do when you don’t know what to do

First things first, you’re on the right platform to find out where to start and how to start. We can help you get your beauty goals and give you a head start in taking care of your body and mind.

Beauty comes from within and even though you might only see “perfect” photos online, it doesn’t mean that’s true beauty. We encourage a healthy body and mind; however, this doesn’t have to be just one type. There’s no such thing as one type of perfect body or perfect beauty.

What do you see?

When looking at yourself in the mirror, do you smile at what you see? Do you insult yourself by blasting negative adjectives in your head to describe your body? I’m sure you’ll understand why the latter is wrong and shouldn’t be the way you treat or talk to yourself. Look at yourself but remember what’s inside.

If you’re not completely happy within yourself, you can opt to make some changes, but these need to come from the interior. Start with thinking of a few words you can use to describe yourself – body or soul – and write them down in a notebook or even in your mirror, using a bold red lipstick or any other color you consider brave. Remind yourself, every morning, that you are those words – eliminate any bad comments you have about yourself from your life, day by day.

Take care of your inner self

When you take that first step, it becomes easier to take the second, and so on. To dip your toes further into taking care of your inner self, you can pay attention to the foods you’re consuming, if you’re drinking enough water and take time off so you can be in touch with your own thoughts and feelings. This is not to say that you must do these things, and definitely not because everyone else on social media is doing it too but taking care of ourselves is our only task. No one will do for us and it takes 2 or 3 minutes of your day, aren’t they worth it if in the end the results are better than what you expected?

Now, look at the outside

Once you’ve made truce with your mind and soul, then you can move onto taking care of what’s on the outside. Even though social media put a lot of pressure on us women to be a certain way, act a certain way and fit into a certain size, that does not mean that you have to follow their rules. Everybody is different and needs to be fed according to the soul supporting it. You just need to be happy with yourself, the rest will follow.

If you open a magazine right now, or your Instagram, you’ll see dozens, if not hundreds of perfectly photoshopped women, with perfect outfits and make-up. Does that mean they’re happy? I hope they are, but the outside doesn’t show what’s inside, so whenever you decide to look at these perfectly filtered lives, think about yourself. Do you need to own 20 eyeshadow palettes to be happy? Do you need to pay £500 for a haircut to feel beautiful? Do you need to shop high-end to look fashionable? Or do you need to get laser hair removal to finally feel confident to go to the beach with your friends? I say no.

You can own as many palettes as you want, they’re fun and if you can afford them, go for it! Play with them, be happy! Go to the most expensive hair stylist in your city and adopt a new look you never thought you would suit! Shop at the best stores and be treated like the queen that you are! And book a laser hair removal appointment if you want, get rid of that insecurity that is only holding you back!

Do you, boo!

My point is, do you! Do whatever you want, whatever makes you feel good and accomplished. No matter if that is getting extensions for voluptuous hair or your nails done in every single color, removing all your hair leg forever… Just do these things if they’ll make you content, not because everyone else is doing it.

Digital world or not, we’ve been scrutinized for centuries. Put an end to it by doing what you feel is right for you.

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