7 latest skirt trends you should not miss

Skirts are the new trend bringing a fresh breath of air in the fashion industry. Pushing regular trousers, jeans, and dresses to back seats, skirts are the leading choice in the current fashion pursuit. These are sophisticated and sassy at the same time. You can romance with different styles and designs to treat yourself with a perfect look for almost every occasion. Whether you want to try sass skirts at Lelulah Boutique or a simple sleek look for the official party, you can definitely find something that fits in your requirements. Here are some skirt styles that are must additions to your wardrobe and also a description of events and ways to nail them.


  • Tube style


Tube skirts are one of the most versatile styles of skirts. They are available in various cuts and designs. Often made of super-soft and flexible fabric, these are extremely comfortable. However, the shape requires you to walk gently and refrain from quick and broad leg movements. These good length skirts chic and gives your body a perfect shape hiding any flaws. These are best suited for picnics and barbeque.


  • Maxi style


If you want to add glamour to your everyday fashion, maxi skirts are your finest bid. A maxi style skirt in a striped pattern is a classic that can be paired with other patterns to create a stunning mix or with a simple top for an understated vivacious look. You can also pick a pleated maxi skirt or one with a bold floral pattern to make it colorful and exciting.


  • Wrap skirts


There are vast varieties of wrap skirts with numerous designs and different lengths. These are super-comfortable and offer full-degree freedom of movement. Be it a barbeque event or a boating trip wrap skirts provide you ease and make you stand out of the crowd. Wrap skirts come with either fixed waistband or actual wrap. You can pick the later if you often see weight fluctuations. Teaming these skirts with high heels adds glamour to your look.


  • Casual pieces


Casual skirts are available from small to large sizes. Most of these skirt designs are inspired by the late 80s, the era which can be characterized by skirt fashion. These pieces are exceptionally comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can pair them with any type of tee or top and play with lengths to get different looks every day.


  • Denim fashion


Denim is a fabric that never goes out of trend. In fact, it keeps retreating in different ways. These are comfortable and easy to find as these are currently popular sellers. Denim can make any look chic with minimum efforts. You can pair it with a simple tank top or an off-shoulder blouse to get two completely different looks. These are suitable for all sizes and seasons.


  • Chino skirt


Chino skirts are a winner for every occasion. These are often made of natural fabric like cotton making it breathable and greatly comfortable for summers. You can wear them with tank tops for a chic look for tops covering the pockets for a smart and cool look.


  • Linen rich pieces


Another fashion that has made a comeback in skirts fashion is linen-rich fabric. Known for its comfort and style, linen looks simple yet cool. However, it demands a bit of care to last long.

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