4 Things to Consider While Buying a Proposal Ring

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All set to pop that ultimate question to the love of your life? However, before you think of doing the honors, you absolutely need to be in the procession of the most perfect proposal ring.

An engagement ring is always special and a considerable expense too. Hence, you need to do everything in your capacity to make the right choice in the first go itself.

When you finally head out to a reputed jewelry shop, the following tips can come handy while making the selection.

  • Select the shape first: Every diamond cut is priced differently. The round cut diamonds are the costliest of all. However, if you decide to side with the pear and marquis shapes, expect to save more.

If the diamond size is what that matters the most to you then go with the latter ones. With Pear and Marquis shaped diamonds, you’ll get higher volumes and that too at a reduced price when compared with their round counterparts.

  • MetalSelection: Diamonds are encased in the metallic ring bases which may include the options like gold (white/rose/yellow), silver and platinum.

Between silver and platinum, merely by looking, it difficult to tell the difference apart. However, price-wise, platinum is much costlier metal than the silver (majorly because of the availability constraint). Also, since platinum it is soft, it gets easily scratched too. If you are on a budget, you can go with the silver band. Else, make a choice as per the different metal options available.

Also, if you want, you can get the diamonds etched in the band as well. Since the count of diamonds and crafting increases, the cost of the ring will also go on the higher side. Base your choice on the budget and preference.

  • Buy only certified: Buying a proposal ring [แหวน ขอ แต่งงาน, which is the term in Thai]. Is an expensive affair and hence it demands your utmost attention and thorough understanding.

While finalizing the ring as per its specifications, do not commit the mistake of overlooking the certification part. Make sure that your diamond is duly accredited by the reputed laboratories.

  • Negotiate well: More often than not, engagement rings do carry a certain amount of margins that a seller can afford to pass on to the buyer. A little research to understand the prevalent pricing patterns never hurt. Once you have acquired the necessary details, negotiate with confidence to strike the best deal.

In the end, proper research is all that you need to surprise your ladylove with the perfect piece of the ring while confessing your love.


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