2019’s Hottest Designs for Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are hotter than ever with brides hoping to be engaged in 2019. While many think that vintage means ‘old looking’ or is jewelry with darkened areas that make it look like it was grandma’s, that’s not typically the case. Check out these remarkably crafted vintage engagement rings that are top choices this year with betrothed couples.

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring—Reis-Nichols Collection

Crafted within a 14K white gold setting, you will find that two brilliant pear-shaped blue sapphires of 1/2 ctw graciously adorn the sides of the head and center stone area, which gives this stunning ring a balance of modern meets vintage.

46 round-cut brilliant diamond accent stones adorn this ring, and they are situated perfectly within a modest filigree design along the bridge, shoulder and gallery of this Reis-Nichols designed vintage diamond engagement ring. One carat round center diamond sold separately.

Reis-Nichols Collection—White and Rose Gold Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring

This piece is simply unique with a predominantly white gold exterior setting complemented with a gorgeous rose gold beveled design along the interior bride of the shank, giving it a two-dimensional vintage look.

16 brilliant cut diamonds totaling 1/5 ctw adorn the shoulders and are situated in a flower petal like design. This impressive piece from the Reis-Nichols Collection is designed to hold a 1 carat round center diamond that is sold separately.

RITANI Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

With an 18K white gold setting laden with 40 round brilliant cut diamond accent stones along the shank and in a cushion halo pattern surrounding the head, this RITANI ring is simply captivating. Designed for a 1 carat center-set round diamond, those looking for truly authentic looking vintage engagement rings will love this captivating piece.


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