Why Choose a Solitaire Engagement Ring Over Other Settings?

Do you wish to sweep your girl off her feet when you pop up the question? What better way could there be than doing it with a diamond solitaire ring? When you close your eyes and imagine an engagement ring, what would it be? Most probably, it would be a simple ring with a single diamond, Right? That is a Solitaire – It is evergreen and timeless! Yes, solitaires never go out of style, and every girl loves to wear it.

Purchasing the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task as you need to find one that not only fits with your style and budget but also represents everything that is special about your relationship. It is not an easy job. However, if you choose solitaire, it is sure to create a Wow-Factor. In fact, in a survey, of over 7,000 fiancés, one out of every four had received a solitaire engagement ring.

What makes solitaire designs unique?

It is an iconic symbol of commitment and conveys a message in an unexaggerated way. For centuries, solitaires have been used to express love, and this is one of the reasons why they are a popular choice when it comes to the proposal.

If you want to emphasize the diamond, then solitaire is the best choice. This ring creates a striking look, and it can speak volumes about your relationship.

Here are a few reasons to choose a solitaire ring:-

Emphasizes the shape of the diamond

Solitaire settings are a great match for any diamond shape due to its classic design and secure support. It can hold the diamond, regardless of the size or style. The shape of the diamond is crucial as it allows for the sparkle effect. Solitaire setting elevates the diamond, making it more noticeable and prominent. Since it allows a significant amount of the light to pass through the diamond, it increases the diamond’s brilliance and fire.

Many choose round shape, but there are other shapes as well, including pear, cushion, radiant, and princess. Ask the Albuquerque diamond jewelers if you are not sure about which shape to choose.


Solitaires are great when it comes to versatility. They can be paired up with most of the wedding bands. Besides, as it doesn’t have a defined style, you can play with classic, vintage, and bold combinations. Stack rings also work well with solitaires.


Solitaires don’t have to be basic and simple. You can ask the jewelers in Albuquerqueto do a stunning design that is set with a single diamond. You can either choose to have a minimal or extravagant design. Choosing a solitaire will make it easier to get the ring customized according to your needs. Visit the best jewelry stores in Albuquerqueto get your ring personalized according to your budget.

If you are looking for custom designs, the jewelers in the jewelry stores in Albuquerquewill gladly assist.

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