Things you need to know about logo embroidery

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The craft of decorating a piece of cloth or fabric or any other material is called embroidery. It is done with using a needle and with the help of various colourful threads. Embroidery can also be done with other items also like with pearls, sequins, glitters and many more.

History of logo embroidery 

This method has been practiced for over a long period of time. According to research, the origin of embroidery can be dated back to 30000 BC. It has originated from the Middle or Orient East. Embroidered clothing, religious items, were considered as a sign of wealth and richness in Eastern culture.

The services available are as follow

  • Clothing embroidery for men
  • Clothing embroidery for women
  • Work wear embroidery
  • Kids clothing embroidery
  • Sports apparel embroidery 
  • Restaurant uniform embroidery


Tips on designing your own logo 


To have your own logo designed on your shirt is not a very difficult process; you just have to keep certain things in your mind.


    • Make sure that the logo design looks bright and colourful in a white or a black background as well as in a colourful t shirt also.


  • Your logo should be cost effective but large enough to be seen by the people or the audience. Do not spend much expense on the logo.
  • At times for logo embroidery, fine details can be a bit of a problem. Like very small texts or lines for a logo.
  • Try to avoid shadowing and outline of logos as it only makes the logo less visible in your shirt.
  • It is preferable you have your idea or creativity in various formats, like in jpeg or vector.


Other than t-shirt, other accessories can also be embroidered such as aprons, bags, caps, fleece blankets, jackets and even on promotional products also.

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