Smart Ways to Spend $100

One hundred dollars can be too small or too big an amount to spend in one go. It’s significant enough to affect your monthly budget if you spend it thoughtlessly. But you don’t have to spend it in one go. It can be a combination of items with a certain purpose, all adding up to make meaningful changes in your life if you spend wisely.

Take these smart purchases, for example:

Invest in Self-care

Your money will definitely not go to waste if you spend it on items that make your life and your skin better. With $100, you can already have a couple of sheet masks, eyebrow makeup online, a lipstick, and mascara to complete your look. With this haul, you can work on a better look for yourself, and the products can last for months as well. This is a good example of how you can use your money wisely and make it last longer. If you’re spending money on beauty products, however, make sure you’re getting full use of them. It’s not a good use of your money if you buy all those products and just let them sit unused in your vanity.

Restock Your Pantry

Another way to stretch your $100 is to use it for home use. Your pantry is one place that could use a little restocking to save you from those midnight fast food cravings. If you shop for the right items, you’ll be working on a healthier lifestyle without even realizing it. It’s pretty simple too. All you have to do is buy healthy snacks instead of junk food. The idea is if you make it harder to get to junk food and easier to get to healthy food items, you’ll make a better decision when you do feel like snacking. Extend this to your meals by adding vegetables to your $100 grocery haul instead of buying soda and ice cream.

Get a Full Outfit

Perhaps this is the most fun way to spend $100, but you should still be wise in making your purchases. You can easily spend the amount on one or two items if you tell yourself you’re going for quality. However, you can also get a full outfit with pieces you can pair with existing items in your wardrobe. This will extend your wardrobe a lot. One versatile item can spice up your existing outfits, and your new shoes can also change your style even if it’s the only new thing in your ensemble. Even a new bag can transform your day look into a night look. Use the internet to look for the best deals to stretch that hundred as much as you can, and buy only items you can wear multiple times.

Handling your finances wisely is the true hallmark of adulthood. Instead of aimlessly spending $10 on 10 random items and not realizing where your money went, be more structured and deliberate in your spending and make sure each purchase adds something good to your life.

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