How to choose the perfect sunglasses?

blonde women wear SOLFUL Ibiza sunglasses JANIS violet

Perfect purple Janis Joplin style sunglasses by SOLFUL Ibiza design

The first property of any sunglass is that it should have a good fit on your face. Sunglasses are seasonal, mostly used during the summers. For that reason, most of the people own only a couple of sunglasses. They expect the sunglasses to match their styles and clothing.

Though the sunglasses purchase decision is made according to hunch and trends, these are a few tips which will help in choosing the most suitable shades. For these tips and guide, we will use the new hottest brand; SOLFUL Ibiza sunglasses.

  1. For oval-shaped face –

Oval shape people can wear the most varieties of sunglasses. Dark-colored lenses, aviator, and cat-eye frames are some of the options these people can explore to choose the best one.

  • People with a small oval face should choose small lens sunglasses.
  • In addition to that, these people should also focus more on their hair color and skin tone.
  1. For heart-shaped face –

Cat-eye frames best suit people with a heart-shaped face. Janis Joplin glasses offers crazy cat-eye frames.

  • Round glasses and smaller rectangular glasses are also the right choices for these people.
  • Big sunglasses will look bulky on these people.
  • Light color lenses also look good on these peoples.
  • SOLFUL is considered to be the best designer of Janis Joplin style sunglasses in the world.
HALFLING round tinted color sunglasses in ibiza

Round gradient tinted color SOLFUL Ibiza HALFLING

  1. For square face people –

Square faced people have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and sharp jawlines. Avoid sunglasses with angles. Instead, use aviators, square-shaped, and teardrop glasses.

  1. For round shaped faces –

Round-faced people do not have an exact round face shape. Instead, the height and width of the face are approximately equal.

  • Round-faced people should choose frames that are wider than the face.
  • Rectangular framed sunglasses are also suitable for these people.
  • Do not buy round frame glasses and select different styles of sunglasses.

These tips are to ease the process of selecting suitable sunglasses. In addition to this, some other tips should also be considered, as the lens color.

  • If the sky is equally sunny and cloudy, then the best lens is grey.
  • Brown color lenses help to see distant objects, most suitable for boating, golf, etc.
  • Blue lenses reduce glare.

Thanks, SOLFUL Ibiza for helping to create this sunglasses guide. SOLFUL is an Ibiza born brand that is now marketed all over the world through its website.

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