Ditch Your Tomboy with Black Prom Dresses

Have you been a tomboy in the school? You may have been one with pride and never wanted to live, walk and talk the girlie way. Talking part in active sports and not caring about the way you look would have been the way you have passed your time at the school. Come the prom night and all that changes. This is one occasion when you will definitely need to come out of your tomboy character and imbibe the feminine way of life. You may not like it but you can’t go to your prom with a pair of rugged jeans and tees. It might be difficult for you to get in a gown and feel comfortable in that but you don’t have much of options but to ditch your tomboy look. When you do it you must do it in the most glamorous way.

It goes without saying that tomboys face the biggest dilemma when it comes to dressing up for prom. Unlike other girls you haven’t spent hours and days planning about your prom and when reality strikes you will have to make a quick choice. You aren’t most likely going to ask your classmates for suggestion as they may end up cracking jokes on you. You don’t need to do any of these as online stores have the perfect selection of outfits for girls like you.

There are two things that you’d have in your mind – first you won’t want to look like all the other girls in your class and secondly you’d want to dress aptly for the night. If that sounds like your case have no hesitation in going for black prom dresses. They would perfectly suit your personality and at the same time let you dress perfectly for the occasion.

  • Black Is Your Color

While black prom dresses are very popular these days this wasn’t the case in the past. Up until few decades back very few young ladies would turn up at a prom wearing a black outfit. Apart from the cultural connotations associated with black outfits the color shade has always been associated with masculinity.        The reds, pinks, emerald and gold have by far been the most worn colors at prom and this is for a good reason as they express feminine style and character in the most beautiful way. It is only the girls who don’t want to be part of the crowd who prefer wearing black prom outfits. And you surely belong to this rare tribe of girls, aren’t you? Black prom dresses will help you separate yourself from the crowd. While you will look stunning and sexy on this special evening but this won’t come at the cost of the image that you have proudly carried all this while.

  • Black Mermaid Prom Dresses

These have become very popular in the recent years and for a tomboy like you they would be the perfect dress for the occasion. They look gorgeous and when you are wearing in black it will help you beat the crowd dressed in bright color shades. Talk of buying these dresses online and you will be spoilt for choice. From the black lace beaded scoop mermaid prom dresses to the simple yet sexy off shoulder side slit dress the choices are many.  You won’t even have to burn a hole in your purse (pocket would be the word for you) buying these dresses as budget dresses are easily available online.

Browse through the wide selection of black prom dresses and buy one for your prom night. Ditch your tomboy character for a day and you’ll surely have the most eyeballs locked on to you on this special evening.

About Author: Georgina Smith is a fashion designer who keeps writing about the latest trends black prom dresses and mermaid prom dresses. She is launching her new collection soon.

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