An Introduction to Men’s Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are high-quality shirts like the Oscar Banks shirts that have a collar, long sleeves, and buttons down the front the whole length of it. It is designed to work with a tie and is for formal occasions rather than something more casual like a sports shirt that is meant to be worn without a tie and with an open collar. With a dress shirt, a man would often wear a blazer or jacket. Not all dress shirts are the same though, that depends on where you get them from and differences can include alterations in the cuffs and collar. A gentleman would choose the style he prefers and best compliments the style of jacket or blazer they are wearing with the shirt.

Over the last 50 years, men’s dress shirts have drawn more focus, moving from just something worn underneath a jacket, to more attention and detail on the shirt itself. Dress shirts are worn on formal social occasions, corporate events, at the office and any other time a man want to look their best. Oscar Banks shirts are an especially popular style at the moment. There is a range of colors, prints, and styles so whatever your preferences are, you can find them in a dress shirt.

There was a time when men wearing shirts meant they were wealthy. The typical working man had no need for dress shirts in their wardrobe. Nowadays that is not necessarily the case anymore. Any man can get themselves some nice dress shirts, it can be a great way to dress up a good pair of jeans, or class up whatever your usual style is, and they are far more affordable today than they once were.

Keep in mind to look your best there are a few simple rules to follow. Oscar Banks shirts or dress shirts should fit snugly, the fit should be good but still comfortable and you should still have flexibility. You should wear underneath the shirt an undershirt o keep it fresh so you do not spoil it with sweat. Choose a material and shape that look good and a color that compliments you. If you want to be bolder and make a statement then choose stronger colors or patterns, if you want to keep it simple stick to blues and whites.

The kind of fabric you have a dress shirt in can vary depending on the season. Man-made fabrics are warmer so are good for winter and colder days. Cotton or silk is better in the summer as they allow for air circulation. You might also think about details like whether to have a breast pocket, a logo of the designer showing or what buttons you want down the front.

Oscar Banks shirts are a great example of dress shirts that can help a man stand out. The buttons, cuffs, colors and all of that are a personal choice, as long as you wear a good fit the rest are just more details. If you are not used to wearing them, start out more neutral and work your way up!


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